Freedom Riders ©

A lifestyle mentorship and training program empowering recently incarcerated young adults and women through cycling


Freedom Riders© gives participants the opportunity to learn about their bodies through cycling alongside actual bike mechanics.

The program blends the foundation of mentoring with hands-on learning in the fields of
science, technology, engineering and mental health.

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MEntal Health & Awareness

Freedom Riders© likens the body to the bike and teaches participants about their mind and how it relates to their emotional well-being. Freedom Riders will learn to free mental constraints and develop self sufficiency through skill and knowledge.

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BicyclE Mechanics

Participants will leave the program with bike mechanic skills, an internship with a local bicycle shop/company with potential employment opportunities, knowledge of self-awareness & emotional health management, and a bike that they built.


Freedom Riders© was created to combat the negative effects of the justice system, providing young adults and women with programming focused on the tools they need to learn about themselves and learn a trade with the incentive of employment, countering the risk of negative social & emotional outcomes and increased rates of recidivism.

While Freedom Riders© was created with a focus on previously incarcerated populations, the curriculum can be adapted to adolescents, for after school programs and in support of additional organizational demographics.

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