Cycle Through It 

Cycle Through it is a healing, meditative, therapy practice on two wheels.

A "cycological" approach to emotional health.

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By combining therapy and cycling, we are using alternative transportation and physical activity to assist in bettering your emotional wellbeing.  

Central to Cycle Through It is the belief that through physical activity, we can place more intention behind our thoughts and use our bodies to help heal our minds. 

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ground with Intention.

Small group cycology sessions begin with our chosen counselor's therapeutic focus. 

What's on your mind?

Holding something on your heart?

What's been nagging you?

Is there something you want to work through/on/for? 

Be honest with yourself.

Identify it.

Focus on it.

Now let's explore how we can begin to cultivate change. 


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What can we leave behind? 

What can we do without?

What can we leave on the road?

What can we create on the road?

Climb it. 

Push and pull through it.

Roll over it.

Feel it.

Believe in yourself. 

Because you can do it. 


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& Grow.

With the group or on your own in provided LifeCycle Biking notebooks. 


How did you feel? 

What did you leave behind?

How can you continue to grow?

Use it.

Apply it.

Live it.

Keep coming back.

Join our community of cyclists & healers and use the tools provided and the road to ground, ride & grow as you maneuver inner transformation. 

Email us if you are interested in participating or developing a customized event for your organization or company.

Featured Healers


Frankie sees therapy as a journey, a process of transformation, and their role is to be a guide to help navigate the process of you becoming your most authentic self. Their experience working with cognitive behavior and mindfulness-based orientation promotes self awareness, more adaptive coping skills and greater insight into working through challenges.

Upcoming CTI dates:

MonDAY june 24, 2019

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Stephanie will guide you through your personal healing process and provide a safe space for you to release and embrace vulnerability, forgiveness, love and gratitude. Whether you are holding onto childhood pain, trauma, heartbreak, anger, self-criticism, moving through grief and loss, life changing experiences; or seeking enlightenment and purpose, you will be guided with love and compassion.

Learn more about Stephanie. 
IG @artofselflove
Twitter @artofself_love

Previous CTI dates:


Past CTI Events 

Submerge — BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s annual festival of queer and trans artists of color — returns for its fourth season with Submerge 2017: Break Time, with this year’s festival focusing on issues of grief and care.

Break Time brings together healing practitioners, visual and performing artists in a network of support and contemplation around grief. A transformative process that we all inevitably encounter, grief breaks and makes conceptions of our very being and the sensorial phenomena of time, memory and permanence. Break Time proposes that healing is an interdependent practice, and that no loss is too small to mourn.

Leave It on The Road* will premiere at Break Time on Saturday, November 4th at 10am and will coincide as a part of the monthly ride series, Different Gear, a cycling collaboration between us and bklyn boihood.

Due to capacity, advanced reservation highly recommended. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the door (cash only).

* Cycle Through It was formerly called Leave It On the Road