Welcome to LifeCycle Biking

A community of bicycle riders of all experiences joining together on cycling adventures in and around Brooklyn, New York. 

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We emphasize community building, wellness & connection through cycling

LifeCycle Biking is a collective of riders– both the avidly passionate and the recreational cyclists– who come together and ride for fun.

That's it.

No pre-requisite. No one left behind. 

Just riding. 

Our cycling community is open to anyone, backed by numerous sponsors, and becoming more creative by the day. We highlight the benefits of cycling in all aspects of your health, as well as providing a space for small businesses to showcase their cycling wares. Annually, we raise funds for  local, wellness-focused non-profits to improve access and awareness of their services to the surrounding communities.

Community, culture and local, curated products- the pillars of our foundation. Thanks for joining us on our journey. See you on the road.

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Crank (n) \ˈkraŋk\ -  an arm attached at right angles to a rotating shaft; used to convert circular motion into reciprocating motion.

At LifeCycle Biking, we believe that biking can be a part of your story, no matter where you are in your life cycle. Our Crank Crew was created to highlight the human connection in cycling and base it upon the most fundamental part of the bike- the crankset. Without it, the wheels don’t move. Without your interest and participation, there is no community. 

The LifeCycle Crank Crew offers an inclusive group of like minded riders, sponsored goodies at rides, discounts at local coffee & bike shops, registration perks for the Annual Cycling Circuit, and more!

Interested? Shoot us your info for first dibs on enrollment!


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