LifeCycle Biking is an online community for your cycling lifestyle - your “cycle-style.”  At LifeCycle Biking we emphasis community building, wellness, and small business support. Our goal is to promote and affirm your courage to ride amidst rush hour traffic, cheer your personal best bike ride– at 5 miles or 500– offer transitional products for comfort during rides, and acknowledge your personal conscious decision to choose biking over other transportation.

Founded in 2015, LifeCycle Biking was the brainchild of life coach and health advocate Amber Drew. With a new found passion for cycling and an interest in learning more about the sport, Amber found cycling communities to be polarized and uninviting. Dismayed by the lack of community, Amber began to organize recreational rides that emphasized inclusion around New York City with the Brooklyn Bicycle Group. 

The more Amber rode, the better she felt- both physically and mentally. Her background in health & wellness led her to explore highlighting the union and LifeCycle Biking was born as a wellness hub for the cycling community. Promoting cycling as alternative transportation, conscious awareness of the positive effects of the sport (being mindful of your own being and presence), and participating in & sharing the positive culture of the community are the foundations of LifeCycle

Annually, LifeCycle Biking hosts a large fundraiser to promote and benefit local non-profits. Proceeds go to support the mission and raise awareness for the cause through community visibility. The Annual Cycling Circuit consists of 50k & 100k route options through Brooklyn and Queens, a collective meditation prior to the ride, and a complimentary Wellness Wrap Up- where there are amazing beats, delicious, healthy treats and a yoga class to stretch out those muscles!

LifeCycle Biking exists in three segments:

  • Community
  • Culture
  • Provisions

Community is our New York community cycling event calendar highlighting LifeCycle Biking events, local rides, workshops, and meet-ups.  

Culture is a blog that promotes cycling related tips and information, highlights community cyclists, and showcases the benefits of cycling on the brain and body. 

Provisions contains our hand picked products for both sport and leisure cycling, offering accessibility to local items and businesses.  

We love and flourish from community involvement. If you’d like to host a ride, submit a blog idea, or highlight someone in your community to be featured- please submit a form in the Contact section of the website or email us at

We hope you enjoy our site as much as you enjoy riding- Happy cycling!

Official member and supporter of The League of American Bicyclists

Official member and supporter of The League of American Bicyclists