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Shake Up Exercise in 2017

Recently, more and more people have started incorporating exercise into their daily routine, from young professionals to retirees. Working out is quickly becoming a popular alternative to drugs and medication, offering a holistic approach to health without any nasty side effects. Regular exercise can help to improve memory, enhance sleep, increase energy levels, and even boost your performance at home or in the office.

In 2017, you can expect to see an integrated approach to exercise that makes it easy to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

•       Smart Work Outs

Fitness trackers, smart watches, and other wearable technology saw a surge in popularity through 2016, and the trend is only expected to get bigger. The fitness wearables market is expected to exceed 4 billion USD in 2017, over a billion dollars more than the previous year.

You can also expect to see more exercise apps cropping up in 2017 that will help you to enhance your current training routine. On-demand spin classes are an emerging market that promise to bring the experience of a cycling studio into the comfort and convenience of your own home through an integrated bike and video training system.

•       Outdoor Fitness

No matter where you are, heading outside for your workout can be a real breath of fresh air. Outdoor exercise routines are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to take a few moments from their busy schedule each day to get in touch with nature. Cycling is expected to be one of 2017's top trends as increasing numbers of people choose to incorporate exercise into their day by safely biking to work.

•       HIIT

High-intensity interval training, more commonly known as HIIT, has gained a popular following as a tried-and-tested method to burn calories quickly. You can incorporate HIIT techniques into all sorts of workouts by alternating bursts of intensive exercise with short rest periods. Pilates high-intensity interval training, or PHIIT, is a new twist on your favorite Pilates workouts and is expected to take off in 2017. Be sure to look for a PHIIT class at your local gym!

•       Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training allows you to tone and strengthen your muscles by using the weight of your own body instead of relying on complicated equipment or an expensive gym membership. Better yet, you can keep up with your training routine regardless of whether you're at home, in the office, or even on vacation.

•       Group Personal Training

Training in a group setting is a huge trend in exercise right now, with programs such as CrossFit and LifeCycle Biking's Crank Crew (coming in February!) helping people to get fit while meeting new friends. Working out with your peers helps to build accountability and increases motivation, making it easier to stick to a rigorous exercise routine.

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