LifeCycle Rides: Madrid, Spain- La Bicicleta Cafe'

There's nothing more exciting than having the opportunity to experience the cycling culture, in any form, in other parts of the world. Recent European travels did not afford the LCB team the opportunity to connect with the most recent Tour de France route, but it did lead us to an amazing cafe in Madrid, Spain- fittingly named, La Bicicleta Cafe'.

La Bicicleta Cafe' is a cycling cafe and work space in the Malasana area of Madrid, Spain. The space was created based on the owner's passion for bikes, art, and coffee equality. The space is inviting and cozy- decorated with bike themed art, comfy coaches, long communal tables as work stations, and smaller tables and chairs for eating and socializing. The downstairs area serves as the work station, where people can come in to tune their bikes using the tools available in the DIY bike counter. 

Rumored to be a "hipster haven," we expected the space to be overcrowded and overpriced. Arriving at 2pm on a Saturday, we were presently surprised to to find a table seamlessly and be greeted by a waiter almost immediately. The brunch menu featured breakfast a la carte and combo items- with names such as "The Yellow Jersey" and consisted of an array of handmade pastry items and healthy food options.

The creative atmosphere includes book shelves littered with bicycle-related literature and urban bike-themed art adornment. In the evenings, the cafe' doubles as a bar and venue space where patrons can attend various events, workshops and lectures related to the world of cycling.

As a bike lover, do yourself a favor and swing by this establishment, even if just for the affordable coffee and comical sugar packets. All bikes are welcome!

I think La Bicicleta has it right, life is too short to ride shit bikes- go visit them for a tune up, a delicious pastry and coffee, and sit in on a cycling lecture. You won't be disappointed.


Check out La Bicicleta Cafe' at

Photos courtesy of Sara Elise and La Bicicleta Cafe' social media