Intentions in 2016

2015 was an amazingly successful year and we are so excited for what 2016 will bring! As we prep for the new year, LifeCycle Biking staff has gathered some of their favorite intentions from MindBodyGreen.

Below are 10 of our favorites, check out MBG for their full list.

1. Work less and live more.

Spend less time on what pays the bills and more time on what fulfills you. The trade-off is priceless.

2. Do less and be more.

Quiet time, reflection, and sleep help you stay productive, focused, and peaceful. Focus on doing less, and doing it better, in the new year. Practice saying no to what doesn’t align with your goals.

3. Have fewer distractions and more time for reflection.

The Internet is intended to distract. Resist by being mindful, present, and aware. A daily practice of silence or mindfulness like meditation can help you feel less scattered.

4. Complain less and appreciate more.

When you think about what you don’t have, you’ll foster a sense of lack. On the other hand, when you treasure everything you have — even the smallest of things — life will feel rich and abundant.

5. Judge less and understand more.

You may judge someone else’s beliefs, opinions, or views in a subconscious attempt at a short-term self-esteem boost. This will inevitably make you feel worse. Instead, try being understanding. You’ll have something to be proud of, and that will increase your self-esteem in a real, lasting way.

6. Hate less and love more.

If we continue the cycle of hate toward others, we breed more hate in the world. Set the light of love within, but more importantly, be guided by love in the choices you make and in the way you treat others. 

7. Criticize less and praise more.

Find genuine things to praise in people. Compliment random strangers. Show appreciation to the people who serve you at restaurants. Kind words are worth much more than a good tip (although you should give that, too).

8. Follow less and lead more.

Group think is a recipe for an unhappy life. Do what’s in your heart. Lead the way, even if no one else is doing it. 

9. Fear less and act more.

If you’re human, you’ll feel fear. Try to notice the fear, acknowledge the fear, and break through the fear. Thank your fear for encouraging you to be cautious, but proceed anyway. Courage is a muscle — the more you use it, the better you get at overcoming fear.

10. Please less and stay true to myself more.

You think you’re making others happy when you’re trying to please them. Unfortunately, you’re not being truthful to yourself or others. It’s okay to let people down by saying “no” if you do it with love and compassion. 

Choose authenticity and honesty over people-pleasing. People-pleasing precludes the possibility for anyone — including yourself — to get to know the real you.

We look forward to building with you in 2016. Happy New Year!

Cycle on!!!