LifeCycle Crank Crew

Crank (n) \ˈkraŋk\ -  an arm attached at right angles to a rotating shaft; used to convert circular motion into reciprocating motion.

At LifeCycle Biking, we believe that biking can be a part of your story, no matter where you are in your life cycle. Our Crank Crew was created to highlight the human connection in cycling and base it upon the most fundamental part of the bike- the crankset. Without it, the wheels don’t move. Without your interest and participation, there is no community. 

The LifeCycle Crank Crew offers an inclusive group of like minded riders, sponsored goodies at rides, discounts at local coffee & bike shops, registration perks for the Annual Cycling Circuit, and more!

A community of riders on a mission to build bonds through cycling. 

At the end of the day, we all just want to ride- some way, some how- but it feels best when we do it together. As a member of the Crank Crew, not only will you receive all the two-wheeled love and affirmation you deserve, but you'll have the opportunity to experience the amazing deals that come along with community inclusion. 

Interested? Shoot us your info for first dibs on enrollment!

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discounts at local bike & Coffee shops

10% off everything (excluding service)

10% off everything (excluding service)

10% off everything (excluding service)


on the road goodies provided by:

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and more to come!!!! Join us for the 2018 riding season!