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welcome to chain reaction

Music moves us. Whether to dance, cry, get excited, remain calm, or anywhere in between- music gets us going.

At LCB, music prepares us for the day.
We create and ride to music- pour out positivity, feel the euphoric highs, push through the low low's, and we want to share those amazingly good vibes with you. 

Chain Reaction is our baby - constructed cycling composition's made just for you by conceptual artist Kiesh. Based on various stages of bike riding, we invite you to vibe and ride.

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Click play and enjoy. 

The Getting Ready mix is the build up- uplifting music to groove to while eating, getting dressed, stretching, getting psyched, and working through your nerves before mounting you two wheeled steed. 

The Getting Started mix is for that initial cadence- You're on the bike, adjusting clothes, and taking off. There is usually a rough start -maneuvering through traffic, getting muscles acclimated and warmed, adjusting to the temperature, thinking about the upcoming ride and usually over thinking what's coming your way. Enjoy some encouraging, positive tun-age. 

The Feeling Strong mix is for when you cross the halfway point- the more you ride, the stronger you feel. The longer you ride, the more accomplished you feel. 

These songs make you feel like anything is possible, limitless, like you can fly if you want (I mean, you basically can!)

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